Mac & Cheese Nuggets

22 Sep 2014

A classic macaroni and cheese snack that is made simply with grated cheese, milk, flour, macaroni, mushroom, infused with some garlicky and parsley flavours which is all combined together made into quick-fix balls and air fried until slightly golden in color and crisp on the exterior side. This has a fantastic cheesy and creamy texture inside with the goodness of some gooey cheese that kids would love to relish. These are absolutely guilt-free extraordinaire nuggets air fried giving an amazing texture outside to look at and mushy inside with the creamy cheese flowing into your palate on bite. It is extremely a divine and satisfying feeling which kids would literally grab to eat the whole nuggets. A slightly and pleasant essence of nutmeg infused into the nuggets is very refreshing and tastes great. Truly a great fresh recipe, healthy and nutritious to eat, oil-free and a great party snack or appetizer! Using new technologies to cook good and healthy food is absolutely a plus poin...